Activation Using Mobile

There are numerous reasons for using PrepaidCardStatus. The portal provides a range of services to registered users. All the users who wish to use the portal’s services can use the same at the URL

Online registration has been made mandatory for the users to sign in and avail of the offered services. Once your card is active, you can use it with ease.

The PrepaidCardStatus can also be accessed from your mobile phone, which enhances the flexibility of the portal.

PrepaidCardStatus Mobile Access

This is another benefit of the official PrepaidCardStatus Login. Your account can be activated using your mobile phone. The steps to do so are listed here. Keep reading:-

  • A phone number to activate PrepaidCardStatus via mobile phone is calligraphed on the PrepaidCardStatus case.
  • Call this activation phone number. Prepare your PrepaidCardStatus card as you will need the number on the front and back of the PrepaidCardStatus.
  • Submit your PrepaidCardStatus card number when asked using the telephone keypad.
  • Now, submit the “expiration number” of your PrepaidCardStatus when asked.
  • Also, input the CVV number that is provided on the reverse side of the card.
  • After submitting the above information, you will receive a notification in your email regarding your card’s activation.
  • Make sure that you sign the reverse side of the card. You can now use the PrepaidCardStatus card to make purchases.

PrepaidCardStatus cards are quite easy for users to carry when compared to cash. You also don’t have to worry about losing your card as this online portal is highly secure and encrypted with an encryption key. If you find that an unauthorized person uses your card, you can immediately deactivate your card, which secures your money.

Furthermore, the PrepaidCardStatus gift option allows a person to transfer money or send gifts to loved ones in a much easier and faster way. Thus, the card has helped the person to get rid of the gift selecting dilemma too.